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Why do our clients keep coming back? Because they love the expertise & efficiency we bring to every project we work on.


From our beginnings in beautiful Franklin, TN, we have developed a vibrant country-wide client base.

Fast Response

Here at Libra we pride ourselves on our lightning fast reflexes that allow us to constantly evolve along with the ever changing business world!

Personalized Options

Libra offers tailor-made choices for your business! Let us customize a plan built specifically to your needs!

Full Service

We are here to help you manage and grow your business with our wide range of services! Everything from Bookkeeping to Human Resources to Consulting! Let Libra handle it for you!


At Libra, we have a passion for helping business owners make smart, informed decisions that impact change on their company and employees. We promise to learn about your operations and employees in a way that allows us to be a full-service, strategic partner for the future.

Over 60 Clients

Use our innovative services to revolutionize their operations.

8 Pairs Of Hands

No one can beat our staff of highly trained professionals - and we dare them to try.

Unlimited Opportunities

At Libra we pride ourselves in flexibility and providing the best package of services for your business.



Libra offer extensive Bookkeeping and Human Resources services to companies who need the latest technology and highest expertise. Unlike most of our competitors, our staff spent years working in businesses just like yours. We know what it takes to understand profitability and manage a diverse workforce.

Human Resources

We utilize two cloud-based software programs to manage bookkeeping and human resource transactions in real-time. Ditch that clunky box software and basic un-customized general ledger, and let the Libra team revolutionize the speed and accuracy of your operations.


Libra team members promise to always be flexible, knowledgeable, and fun to work with on a daily basis. We understand the fluid nature of business, so we’re able to change and grow with you, always bringing positivity to every situation.


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